Add Multiple PlugIn in Visual Studio WebTest

Add Multiple Plug-In in Visual Studio WebTest

  1. Open your “Web Performance and Load Test Project” which has multiple “webtest”
  2. Now add New project From “Solution”
  3. Create Class Library file. Example – “ClassLibrary1”
  4. A “Class1.cs” file will be created , rename it as “Addon1.cs”

  5. Same way create “ClassLibrary2” with “Addon2.cs” file. And it will looks like –
  6. Now Add “VisualStudio.QualityTools.WebTestFramework” from Add Reference
  7. Now Run or compile “Addon1.cs” & “Addon2.cs” to build it
  8. Now Right click on “WebAndLoadTestProject2” and select “Add Reference”
  9. Navigate to “Solutions” tab and select both addon project
  10. Now select “webtest1” and click “Add Web Test Plug-in” button
  11. Now select the Add On & click OK button
  12. Now we can see the addon (addon1) on the WebTest page
  13. Same way we should add “Addon2” in “WebTest2”

Thank you for your Time 🙂

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