Android Logcat over wifi

Most of the time for analytical purpose of mobile application we need to take Application logcat. To take this log or session data we need the following hardware –
1. Wifi Router
2. Desktop / Laptop
3. Android Device
4. USB Cable (first time only)
5. ADB
We need to follow the below steps –

1. First Install ADB in computer.
2. Now connect the desktop or laptop with a router. Say for example the IP of desktop is
3. Now Go to settings section of Mobile and tap on About Phone. Tap 7 times on Build Number to enable Developer options (If it is not enabled). Now open the developer Options and tick “USB Debugging”.
4. Connect the mobile in same wifi. Consider the IP of the mobile is
5. Now connect the phone to Desktop/laptop with USB Cable.
6. Open CMD in computer and provide the following command –
adb tcpip 5555
adb connect
7. Remove the USB Cable from the device.
8. Now open the app which you need to take the activity log.
9. Navigate any preferred location in computer where you need to store the logcat result.
10. Open the CMD and navigate that location.
11. Provide the following command in CMD “adb logcat > filename.txt”
12. Do the activity in mobile.
13. After completing the activity press “Ctrl+c” to terminate the writing of log file.

Note : During this process if you found “- waiting for device –“ message in console then please again execute adb connect

Happy wifi logging.

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