Selenium Settings With Maven-SVN

We will integrate Maven & SVN with selenium Testing.


1. Local Repository – Maven
2. SVN
3. IDE – Eclipse


Maven Setup

Download maven from
Extract maven on local drive (D:\maven)
Set M2_HOME as D:\maven
Set M2= %M2_HOME%\bin
Add %M2% in Path variable
Make sure JAVA_HOME is set
Check maven on console using “mvn –version”
Put Settings.xml on ~user\.m2 folder



Create a free account on svn website (example –
Create a new Repository
Retrieve trunk URL


Eclipse Setup

Add Subclipse plugin to connect SVN
Add TestNG to execute Test Case


To Complete the steps please watch this video :


From this video we also learn how to retrieve code from SVN and how to commit code on SVN.

Thank you!


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