Maven Secure Proxy Setup

Prerequisite –
Maven should be installed on user’s computer.

To create secure proxy setings in maven we need to follow below steps –

1.Open CMD and type “mvn –encrypt-master-password my_master_password
Where my_master_password is your master password.

2.Now in cmd screen you will get a hash password like {genarated_master_hash_password} with brackets.

3. Navigate to “C:\Users\user_name\.m2” folder and create “settings-security.xml” blank file.

4. Now paste the master password on it like –


5. Now in CMD type “mvn –encrypt-password” and provide your proxy user’s password here.

6. A new hash code will generate now. Like – {my_proxy_password_hash}

7.Now open “settings.xml” file on “C:\Users\user_name\.m2” folder and search for  proxies.

8.Now paste the following configuration on it –


Now we are able to setup proxy settings on maven with encrypted password.

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